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Jim Arnold will be at the club July 14-16 doing shooting instruction. Jim has been coaching for many years and has the ability to enhance your own shooting style. If you are interested in taking a lesson or clinic with him, give us a call.

Please read a brief rundown of Jim’s qualifications below:

I own Custom Shooting Sports, LLC, which is involved in coaching, consulting, corporate entertainment and custom outfitting. We are a one stop shop for shotgun sports. I am one of a choice few National Sporting Clays Association (NSCA) Level III professional shotgun shooting coaches in the United States. I have been teaching shooting for over 35 years. I am fortunate to be the coach of several State, Regional and National Title Holders, as well as members of Team USA, in all the shooting disciplines. I assist the NSCA in certifying shooting instructors and I am a proud member of the ATA, NSSA, NSCA, SCA, CPSA, OSCA, NAFR and the NSSF. I have participated in a number of programs and videos for Viacom Productions, ESPN, TNN and OLN. I am frequently published and featured in a host of shooting sports publications.

Jim Arnold, NSCA III
Brays Island Shooting Pro
President – Custom Shooting Sports, LLC

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