Member Bass Tournament

On Saturday, May 20th, the club will hold the annual club fishing tournament.  Sign up soon, only 12 teams available!

  • $10 entry/2 man team (All money collected will be used for a youth fishing derby later this year)
  • 12 possible teams (4 boats per lake)
  • Each team will have 1 hour and 15 minutes to fish each of these lakes: Moxley, Terrill, and Hill ‘n Dale (4 teams max/rotation).
  • Boats are provided by the club. Trolling motors permitted but not provided.
  • All Bass over 12″ count for Tourney, Team with most # of Bass over 12″ wins. Bragging Rights and names on a plaque displayed at the club are the main prize.
  • Prizes for longest (biggest) fish, and most fish caught by team
  • Artificial lures only (no live bait)

All catch & release (record # and size of all species of fish caught in a case of a tie). Each team will need a tape measure to record length. Teams must provide proof of catch for any potential largest fish (snapshot with phone/camera preferred) and tag any fish that is caught before releasing.

7:00 am – a mandatory team orientation meeting at the lodge to draw for lake rotation, go over rules and safe handling, etc. coffee and doughnuts for all teams.
7:30 am – fish on 1st lake (15-minute travel)
9:00 am – fish on 2nd lake
10:30 am -fish on 3rd lake
12:00 – All teams return to lodge for reporting of catch and crowning the new Club Bass Fishing Championship Team!

Along with having a fun day on the lakes, we will use any catch results and angler feedback to help in the future management of these lakes. To sign up, Either call us at 330-725-2097 or let us know at the lodge on your next visit to the club. Sign up soon, only 12 teams available!

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